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Quick Reference Chart:

Included: Guide fees, lodging, license, meals
Not Included: Air-fare, ground transportation to or from airport, any additional hotel services, alcoholic beverages, ammunition
You Should Bring: Your favorite reliable shotgun, all the ammo you care to shoot, a good camera and plenty of film
You Must Bring: 2 large soft-sided coolers for your birds, ziploc bags
Clothing: Plan your clothing in layers:  Quad parka and bibs - waterproof, insulated, brown and beige camo; polypropylene underwear in medium, and heavy weights; quality, comfortable boots that are waterproof and warm; gloves - insulated and waterproof
Transportation: From the U.S., fly to Regina, SK.  You can rent a car and be in Lang in approximately 40 minutes.  See our maps page for our location
Lodging: Accommodations at a farm home or hunting lodge are included.  Laundry service is available
Meals: The farm home includes coffee and toast in the morning and a post hunt meal.  The lodge includes all the amenities and catering is available for meals in the evenings
Guns: Whatever you are comfortable with - should have at least one back-up gun per group
Ammo: Contact Ed Fahlman at the Weyburn Coop for a 10% discount on any of our shell orders.  1-306-848-3687
Limits: 8 dark geese, 8 ducks, 20 white geese, 3 sharptails, 8 Hungarian partridges per day.  Possession limits are 16 dark geese, 16 ducks, 60 white geese, 6 sharptails, and 24 Hungarian partridges
Bird Processing: Done daily as a group.  They will be frozen and we will help you pack them to take them home.
Dogs: Are not provided but we encourage you to bring your own














Guided Hunts:

Each hunt will include a full time guide. Each day begins early with a goose hunt in a stubble field. Most mornings we take a mixed bag of Geese, Mallards and pintails in the stubbles. Depending on the time of the season, Sandhill cranes also provide some exciting shooting.

Following the hunt we return to Lang to have a post hunt meal and clean the mornings shoot. We provide the freezers here. Birds need to be individually bagged.

We ask that you bring heavy zip lock freezer bags. (Glad) All hunters participate in the bird processing. After a short rest the afternoons are spent upland game hunting and or duck hunting over decoys or jump shooting Mallards, depending on the hunters wishes. 

Cost per Hunter:

Contact Ray Beck for rates and available hunting dates at 1-306-464-2116 or click here!

$ 300 US deposit per man is required upon booking.

Deposits not refundable.

Hunts are to be paid in full by September 1st, 2006.  Lodging, meals and license can be paid for at the
time of your hunt.

License Fees:

Remained the same as 2004, so far.

Saskatchewan Habitat Certificate $11.00
Migratory Game Bird Permit $18.19
Non-Resident License $116.00
Total $145.19 CDN

If you request we can take care of you license for you prior to your hunt, with the exception of the gun licensing fee payable the border.   We can have the licenses here waiting for your signature when you arrive. We will need to confirm US exchange closer to the hunt dates.

Shotgun Shells:

 If you are coming this far, don’t scrimp on shells. Buy top quality shells.    

 Remember: 90% of our waterfowl hunt is over decoys so shots under 40 yards are common. 

Federal 3” Magnum Steel runs about $25.00 a box in Canada.

We do recommend you buy premium shells and allow 3 boxes per day

We have developed a good relationship with Ed Fahlman @ the Weyburn Coop. They will handle any of our shell orders at a 10% discount. If you are interested, contact Ed at

1-306-848-3687 with your order and your credit card and we will pick your shells up for you prior to your hunt. If you need any other assistance in this area contact Ray.

Last year’s price list from Weyburn Coop:

3 1/2 inch Kent BBB-BB-1 $24.99
Winchester Supreme 3 inch BB $28.99
Federal BB Classic 25 $25.99
3 1/4 inch BB & 2 (20's) Regular $18.99   Sale $10.99

Contact Ed Falman @ 1-306-848-3687

10 % off if you mention you are hunting with Norland Creek Outfitters


Whatever you are comfortable with.

Remember to always have at least one back-up gun per group, as they do sometimes give problems.


October in Saskatchewan has a wide variety of weather, so it is important to have enough clothes to keep warm and dry. Temperatures range from 15 F – 75 F. Camouflage clothing is good, headgear and gloves are important. A camo mask is crucial.


We recommend chest waders, but good hip boots will also work, as most of our water sets are less than a foot deep.


We find that we are concentrating on the use of eliminator blinds, with six new ones ordered this year to give us a total of 12. We also have a complete white spread with electronic calls and smocks.

We have round bale blinds, as well as, goose chair blinds. If you feel more comfortable in your own, bring it along and we will accommodate you.


We supply.


We encourage you to bring your own. We find most of our hunters take great pride in their ability to call, and rightly so. We use electronic goose calls for snow geese.


We do not provide dogs, but we certainly encourage you to bring yours. Mark and I  have two of our own dogs, Cash and Griffin, a black lab and a chocolate lab.


It is important to have at least one, plus our vehicle, per group. Four wheel Drives are recommended.

Bird Processing:

Done once a day.  We’ll do them together, at our house. After we will freeze them and help you pack them to take home. Again all we ask is that you bring freezer bags and coolers to transport them home. Birds now have to be individually packaged.

We ask that you also bring plenty of slide lock freezer bags.


We require a $300 (per person) deposit upon booking, and full payment by September 1st. Payment prior to the hunt makes it easier on us, and you can enjoy the hunt by having all the details taken care before the hunt begins.


This year we have developed a special package for airflights with Uniglobe travel.  Phone 1-306-242-TRIP (8747) or fax 1-306-664-6645 or email admin@uniglobevacation.com.  Be sure and mention you are with Norland Creek Outfitters.

We look forward to the 2006 season with great anticipation.  We are looking forward to renewing old acquaintances, and making new ones.  We are very confident in our ability, and know every landowner in our area.  We can't guarantee bird cooperation or weather, but we can guarantee a well-guided hunt for three days!

Terms and Conditions:

In these terms and conditions, the customer shall be referred to as "The Registrant". 

Acquisitions to carry, use, or transport firearms are the sole responsibility of the registrant and must be presented upon request.  All fees are to be paid in advance by money order or check.  Confirmation of booking will take place after receipt of deposit.

All hunting licenses are the responsibility of the registrant.  All animal transportation costs shall be the responsibility of the registrant.

Any and all expenditures due to unforeseen circumstances, weather occurrences, acts of random violence, illness, injury, or acts of God, or that are not listed in the features provided for in the Rates description are the sole responsibility of the registrant, and Norland Creek shall in no way provide compensation in any form for any other expenditures.